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German/Irish Immigration: The 1800's to the 1900's, and Now

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German Immigration and Their Struggles

Why Did The Germans Come To America?


They wanted to escape from:

  • Wars in their country
  • Religious and ethnic discrimination
  • (Immigrant women being) murderd by family members for acting like Germans.
  • Crop failures
  • Political unrest due to the rapid growth of industry.

They were attracted to America because:

  • There was a high demand for unskilled labor
  • Of the promise of inexpensive land
  • Religious freedom

2006 Immigration.
  • Unemployment is increasing.
  • Housing costs is increasing.
  • Because of so many people going into Germany, the economic stablity is being threatened.
  • Immigration is easier because of fast types of trasportation.
  • Most immigrants now are coming from Asia.
  • The United States is still the immigration center of the world.