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German/Irish Immigration: The 1800's to the 1900's, and Now

Irish Immigration and Their Struggles

German Immigration and Their Struggles
Why Immigrate?
Interesting Facts about the German and Irish Immigrants
Pros and Cons about Immigration
Irish Immigration and Their Struggles

Why Did The Irish Come To America?


They left Ireland because of:

  • religious conflicts
  • lack of political freedom
  • terrible economic conditions
  • potato famine.
  • lack of land.
  • hunger/disease.

They came to America because of:

  • the promise of owning land
  • freedom of religion

The Potato Famine

The potato crop failed during 1845-50, resulting in the loss of one million people, which was 1/10 of Ireland's population. This was devistating to the Irish, especially the poor who relied soley on the potatos, buttermild, and sheep's milk for their nutrition. The remaining food became costly and the poor starved.


Here is an inside look to what life was like during the famine for many Irish citizents from Ireland: The Famine Story by Brian Warfield.

"Police armed to the teeth guarding food depots, depots filled to the brim, people eating dogs, dogs eating people, no food for the hungry, well fed militia guarding food on its way to ports. Protests, rioting for those with energy to protest. Helpless, gaunt spectres, fleshless, skin hanging from weary bones, bones gripped by pain, young children looking like old men, old men looking like corpses, corspese beside the living, the living beside the dead."


The irish immgration labor included Irish males were good for building railroads and since Irish women could speak english they were taking in as domestic servants. During the Civil war the Irish enlisted as soon as they got to America because it provided payed work.

2006 Immigration.
  • Even now the Irish are living on the streets.
  • They are getting pushed out of thier own country, by immigrants.